Testo di Summer of Love

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Artista: Hi Standard
Traccia:Summer of Love
Aggiunto il: 18/10/2007
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Testo: When I closed my eyes slowly that day.
I saw clear blue sky and everyone's wonderful smiles.
In front of my eyes.
As if the old days had come back.
How small the sky is when looking
down from this window.
Trying to find bright sunny days.
Searching all day and night.
I run fast to the way to sunny day.
The lights shining on the silent moment.
What do they
I wonder.
Somehow I shed big drops of tears.
Sweet moment.
It was a beautiful day.
As days go by the lights get smaller.
As the care words get louder.
I'll never
forget all love is here.
As if the old days had come back.
Is it the same light I felt a long time ago?
The same light I saw?
Such wonderful days!


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